Gatsby mania is upon us; what will you wear?: Haute Fashion

Gatsby Mania in Chicago

Gatsby Mania in Chicago

The much anticipated remake of the classic novel and similar films (2 notable versions) , The Great Gatsby, is nearly upon us. In fine form, the world is taking note.

Once called the best novel of the 20th Century, this movie has a lot to live up to. But one thing is for sure, regardless if Leo beats Robert, the clothes will be cool.

Call it “on trend”, call it “mod”, call it “vintage”…Gatsby is the new black. Brands like Brooks Brothers are creating special campaigns just to celebrate all that is Gatsby style. Check out some of their looks at,default,sc.html. They are 25% off now for their Friends and Family event.

Shop ModCloth has embraced the Gatsby spirit for some time, and I found a few classic and yet modern pieces I am dying for. Here are some of my favorite picks for this week!




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