My Back to Boston Assessment and more things to look forward to…

Wow, have not posted since moving back, so I thought I would look into my goals and see how I have done so far…

  1. Seafood – I have been steady in this regard – sticking to my old haunts and trying a few new ones!
  2. Kayaking – Dropped the ball, er…paddle here.  Need to pick this one back up next spring!
  3. The Cape + Summer – Ptown happened, and with great splendor…now enjoying fall in NE.
  4. Exploring Cambridge more – Much more exploring over the Bridge and in Brookline!  Loving discovering some new haunts…

What’s exciting in Boston this fall?


  1. Folliage – I don’t drive to see this, just look out my window or walk around…
  2. Fall Foods – Welcome back butternut squash and apple cider.  Need to get to an orchard before the season is over…
  3. Red Wine – I am happy dive back into my cooler weather friend, and have been checking out some great wine spots like Les Zygomates and am excited for Fall Wine Riot as well (
  4. Giving Thanks – taking time to slow down, enjoy the view and relish the time before dreaded winter.  I decide November will be my month for me, Nov 3 – Nov 26, when it shifts to family and holiday time.  Consider taking on this challenge with me.  My goals: no travel out of MA, go to yoga, and plan a bit less, sleep a bit more.

All in all, I will give it my best shot…but looking forward to the ride!

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