“When life gives you lemons…”: Haute Happenings


I wonder about this quote in the context of the question, and how the answer may be interpreted.  So as a fun Monday word/quote exercise here are some of my answers…all intended to be fun and light…as I need a little air today.

“…grab some miracle berries”…. (for those who don’t know, these are awesome foodie finds from Top Chef which turn sour to sweet…I get mine on Amazon)

“…suck one hard.”  In general, this may help bring a jolt to the system and allow you to get some blood flowing.  Blood = oxygen = life = happiness.

“…slice em up for some cocktails.”  Share the burden with friends and family, and let them lessen the load.  Or at the latest, help you forget.

“…squirt em in your hair and lay in the sun…a little Vitamin D is good for the soul.”

Thanks for listening!  Happy Monday all!

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