Super-easy formula to remember (and hopefully keep) your 2014 goals: Haute Happenings

So yes, it’s January 3rd and I realized I was a bit behind on kicking off my 2014 new years resolution/goals…but then I thought, it’s really never too late. Also, I like the 3rd – it gives me 2 days to recoup and recover from the hectic holidays, before kicking off my lofty ambitions.  (but this will work any day really)

I have been inspired by some articles I recently reach on Twitter, describing what makes successful people different from those not as successful, and one key differentiator was physically writing down one’s goals.  While I have heard this for some time, I cannot say I have practiced it well.  A board or notebook with my goals written out may not work because I am always on the go and things get lost in the mix.  So, I thought, why not use the favorite life planner tool most of us have access to all the time – the calendar on a cell phone – to kick this off right. Nothing fancy here, just daily technology working in your favor.

I am piloting this in 2014, starting every third day of the month, by setting a monthly reminder for myself, in order to keep me on track.  I am using simple short hand (+1 and +3, for example) for how many days of the week I think I can commit (you can make up your own like -10 for 10 lbs. you may want to lose, for example).  Check out mine below.


I think the important things to note here are:

  1. This will only work if I/you really care.
  2. This will only work if my/your goals are really attainable.
  3. This is all about me/you, so it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks/feels/tells me about my/your goals.
  4. I/You have to pick times which work for me/you to check in on my goals.
  5. I/You will need to check in next Jan to see how I/we did, so end the date should be in 2015 for 2014 goals.

I know this is super simple and seems so intuitive, I am left asking myself why I haven’t done it yet.  But if you think this is something which can work for you, give it a go.  And I will check back periodically and next Jan to see how it all went down.

Goals, check. Now on with 2014!

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