Carry-on must haves for any trip: Haute Travel


Before any big trip, I’m always scrambling to get packed – no matter how many trips I take.  However, there are a few staples I always include in my carry-on luggage, no matter where I go.

  1. Eye Drops:  Flights are super drying, and I learned long ago that they can dry out one’s eyes, especially in the winter months when everything is dry.  Give your eye health a boost while traveling and invest in some of these, it’s worth it for a lifetime of great sight. I like Systane brand or any pure tears, as they have less chemicals than other types.
  2. Hand Creme:  Also a great took for not getting too dried out, I invest in a great hand creme, like L’Occitaine Creme de Maine.  This can help after washes with harsh soaps and keep your hands looking great.
  3. A great snack:  Gone are the days of airplane meals (on most domestic flights).  And while you can get the occasional bag of pretzels, I try to keep something on hand for any snack-attack.  I like Kind Bars, because they are packed with good protein, are natural, and keep me feeling fuller longer, even if I miss a meal while on the road.  And buying them ahead of time saves money too, as I have seen airports charging up to $4 bucks for a single bar.
  4. Tissues:  Every get caught having to sneeze while you’re packed into your window seat?  Well, I may be one of the few suffering from this, but tissues are great to have on hand for various things, like your nose, or a small spill from your favorite cocktail.
  5. Mints or Gum:  I probably don’t need to explain much here, but I am a plane sleeper, and these keep me feeling fresh after what I call “adult nap time” on my frequent flights.

Other goodies to keep on hand: face lotion to keep you hydrated, lip balm, and a bottle of water (usually something I grab at the airport).

I grab all these things in 3oz. or smaller packages of course, so I have no issues with the lovely folks of TSA.

Hope these tips help with your next trip!  Wishing you haute (and hydrated) travel!


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