Friday Wine-spriation – Easy-drinking Pinot Noir: Haute Eats

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A friend recently asked me about some Pinot Noir selection for her wedding reception, so I quickly pulled up my favorite and easy Pinot Noirs to grab anytime.  Here is the list, hopefully they make it to your table sometime soon – or maybe today!

Mark West Pinot Noir – this is the most popular Pinot Noir sold in the US, and while it may be cheap on your budget, it delivered full fruit flavor in a light package.

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A to Z Oregon Pinot Noir – This Willamette Valley wine is a great find for the price, when looking for a flavorful and light Oregon Pinot.  I featured A to Z Wineworks last week as well, but this time it’s for their best selection – a delicious Pinot Noir you can find at any wine shop. It’s fruity, bold and a little spicy, with tannins in full effect.

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90+ Cellars Pinot Noirs (all varietials) – I love these wines in general, and the concept, to bring the best wines to any table (Saturday Nigh Taste, Tuesday Night Prices or so their website claims).  I have tried a few of the 90+ Pinot Noirs, and find them all pretty awesome.  They are rich and fruity, and usually steel fermented for a softer taste.

French Pinots – these tend to be softer overall, as they spend less time in oak and more time at your table in France.  You cannot go wrong with a French pinot in general!

Cheers to Friday and a haute wine weekend ahead!



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