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Friday #Photo-cation, Positano, Italy: Haute Travel


Happy Friday from Positano, Italy! Arriving in Positano at sunset was like entering a wonderful, and comfortable dream. Reminding me that, some people are lucky to wake up to this view every day, and I am lucky to wake to it for the next few days.

Take this reminder to be grateful of where you are now and finding the beauty around you. And also, planning your next haute travel vacation! Until next time, Bon voyage!

Friday #Photo-cation in Hiroshima, Japan: Haute Travel

Peace in Hiroshima

Peace in Hiroshima

This Friday, I am wishing you peace.  Hiroshima is a city which felt some of the most devastating effects of unrest, and while the world around us may be chaotic, take time to find peace wherever you are this Friday.

The torii at Itsukushima welcomes you to this lovely island, and when you are visiting the Hiroshima Prefecture, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site along with being a treasure of the country of Japan.  It is definitely a haute destination to add to your next Asia vacation.

Wishing you a haute, happy and peaceful Friday wherever you are!

Friday #Photo-cation – Hopkins, Belize: Haute Travel


I love a good beach, and relish revisiting some old spots I have toured along the way. This photo-cation, check out Hopkins, Belize- a small town with a lot of local charm- which is a great jump-off point to the cays (pronounced keys- a set of islands off the coast of Belize, named #1 beaches by tripadvisor last year. Hopkins is quaint, the locals are friendly, the food is divine, and the water is warm. Just watch out for sand flies at dusk and dawn, and the occasional crab trying to get into your sunrise shot.

No matter where you end up this long weekend, remember to soak in the relaxation.

Wishing you a happy and haute long weekend ahead!