Haute Happenings

“When life gives you lemons…”: Haute Happenings


I wonder about this quote in the context of the question, and how the answer may be interpreted.  So as a fun Monday word/quote exercise here are some of my answers…all intended to be fun and light…as I need a little air today.

“…grab some miracle berries”…. (for those who don’t know, these are awesome foodie finds from Top Chef which turn sour to sweet…I get mine on Amazon)

“…suck one hard.”  In general, this may help bring a jolt to the system and allow you to get some blood flowing.  Blood = oxygen = life = happiness.

“…slice em up for some cocktails.”  Share the burden with friends and family, and let them lessen the load.  Or at the latest, help you forget.

“…squirt em in your hair and lay in the sun…a little Vitamin D is good for the soul.”

Thanks for listening!  Happy Monday all!

Back in Boston – Best things I am re-looking forward to


So, I made the move back to Boston, which has been a bit of a whirlwind of a month.  I haven’t moved back to a place after leaving it thus far, so this has been an interesting mental re-aclimatizaton as well.

So what am I excited about, lots, but here is my list of faves from my previous life and things I want to explore.

  1. Seafood – I am a foodie, so obviously this is easy.  Boston presents some of the freshest seafood around, and I am always up for a good meal in Beantown.  A spot I never tried is Neptune Oyster.  Some faves include Island Creek Oyster Bar and the Lobsta Love food truck.
  2. Kayaking – After living in NY and hearing horror stories about kayaking in the Hudson, I am looking forward to hitting the Charles again.  Not as clean as one would want, but a good overall option.
  3. The Cape – Excited for my annual summer trip to Provincetown this week – though let’s be honest, I would have gone anyways.
  4. Exploring Cambridge more – I have hit up a few spots across the bridge, but need to make some more.  Some faves are Catalyst and Cuchi Cuchi, want to also try Emma’s, Hungry Mother, and Patty Chen’s Dumpling Room to name a few.
  5. Summer in Boston – though it’s been a scorcher, I love summer in Boston.  It’s a bit chaotic with tourists, but the city is alive, and you forget all about winter.  It’s amazing to be able to hit a cool beach within 10 – 20 min, or catch a concert in the park.

Top 5 should do for now.  Excited for my new adventures in the bean and beyond!

New York, new you, new workouts: Haute Happenings

If you are like me and love a good, yet fun, yet hard workout, and are looking for classes which keep you motivated, I have a few great tips from my recent experiences, and some to look forward to!

  1. Classtivity.com – This is the ultimate class pass (called your Passport), as it allows you to take up to 10 classes in a month at a variety of gyms/dance studios/yoga and pilates studios and more.  It’s only $49, and features great names like Pure Barre and Jivamukti Yoga (In NYC).  I attended classes at these studios, and other studios and spots, and still have a few days left on my passport to try a few more.  You can also use Classtivity in cities other than NYC, so be sure to check it out!
  2. MDanceFitness.com – I love, love, love the classses I have taken at M Dance Fitness so far.  They are super high energy, have great music, and keep me motivated at 8pm when I usually can make them.  I went to my first class using Classtivity, which got me hooked! I love the Dance Cardio Combo class with Victoria Mayo, it kicks my butt!
  3. Cross-fit Hells Kitchen – I have been wanting to try this for a while now, and may be compelled to as I saw the living social deal today for 1 month of unlimited cross Fit. 
  4. Physique 57 – I loved my first Physique experience, though it was a bit pricey at $40 bucks a pop.  It was fast paced, involved weights, and kept me going – a great combo.

Whatever your workout style, here’s to getting out there and moving more!