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Haute Flicks: Life of Pi is a genuine take on a fantastic book

Aren’t the Holidays grand…they are a time for fun, festivals, and family, and also one of the best times to catch a good movie.  As everyone rushes for Oscar nominations, this season gives us a plethura of good and better movie choices than much of the year.  I saw one such choice, though its release had my attention during the 50th Annual New York Film Festival (NYFF) where it was one of the feature films of the festival. 

I knew then I wanted to see it, and I am glad I did…Life of Pi.

It can be hard to replicate a fantastical book into a movie, especially one with animal effects and a real human being stranded at sea.  But this book was done right, because Life of Pi the movie made you feel like Pi, made you understand his plight, and made you remember how good the book was. That is what makes a good book-to-movie combo, similar to the recent Hunger Games episode.  This is what I would call a soft movie, meaning my dad (who hates violence and unnecessary mean-ness) would like it, and it’s appropriate for many age ranges.

When I walked out of Life of Pi, I felt it was good, but as I lay in bed later, I felt it – I was moved.  It is a hard feeling to explain, so I will leave it at that, but its definitely a great flick to check out this holiday season or beyond!



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Haute-ings: Once the Musical on Broadway

This Thanksgiving weekend while people were watching all the big games, and catching up on leftover Turkey, I headed to Broadway with many New Yorkers.  This show, was the new sensation Once, which just won the 2012 Tony for Best Musical.  This was quite a moving experience, with the cast of amazing singers/musicians/actors who take you on a real, current, and heartfelt journey of love.  This is not a new story, bute more of an old love story told in a new time, and with new music to sooth your soul.  Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti, the two leads, blew my mind with their amazing vocals.  The spoken accents were a bit off, but it was forgotten during the great interludes of music.

Some of the best parts of the experience was the relaxed family atmosphere (not usual for Broadway), with patrons buying drinks at the on-stage bar (for real) and enjoying some improv tunes before the show by the members of the cast.

All in all, I would go see this show again.  If you are looking for a Haute NYC outing (haute-ing) on Broadway, I would recommend checking out Once!  See more info at the show website:



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