Yoga around the US; Find bliss wherever you are: Haute Travel

let the sun shine in...#OM

let the sun shine in…#OM

I am lucky to be able to travel around the country on a regular basis, and no matter where I go, I often try to find a yoga class during my trip.  Yoga for me has been a way to get better in touch with my body, and understand what it needs to be the most effective for my life.  Doing yoga around the country has allowed me to experience various styles, and understand what I like and what I should do to keep myself balanced and whole.  Like wine, yoga can be as different as the studio, teacher, style and experience, and it’s definitely worth sharing both internally and externally.

Here is a list of some of my favorite yoga spots from the left to the right coast.  (Note:  I will keep updating this post as I attend more classes to ensure we cover all the good spots.)