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Escape to Asia, the Itinerary: Haute Travel

Epic Pic of the Great Wall Snapped by my dad in the 1980's

Epic Pic of the Great Wall Snapped by my dad in the 1980’s

Up, up and away!  I’m off again, this time to explore some new spots in Asia, namely in China, Hong Kong, Bali and India, and to escape some of my winter blues.  While some of my trip may be moderately chilly, it will be nothing compared to the lovely midwest and her negative degree days.

Here is the itinerary for the journey, and I will be updating you as we go.

3 weeks in Asia

  • 2 days in Beijing (to see the Great Wall and Forbidden City)
  • 4 days in Kong Kong (to hang out, live like a local, and absorb the coolness of the city)
  • 5 days in Bali (to get zen, learn how to surf, and find peace or love – ahem Eat Pray Love style)
  • 5 days in South India (to visit some historical spots and make a pilgrimage)
  • 4 Days in Jaipur (to explore the land of the kings)

I am getting super excited, and simply cannot wait to see the Great Wall, party in Hong Kong, Surf in Bali, or explore India some more.  Would love to hear from your about tips and ideas for the trip, just email me or mention them in the comments!

Anyways, off to pack!  Asia here I come!

Why travel books are still on trend: Haute Travel

a little reading for my upcoming trip!

a little reading for my upcoming trip!

I am a devoted travel book buyer, because in the end, they just work. Yea we live in the age of trip advisor (which I use a ton), yelp (also use a ton), and travel reviews, but when it come down to key points, I love a travel book on hand for every trip!

  1. The pictures – Yes, the pictures in travel books are awesome, and usually professionally done.  Still, I love seeing a great photo and letting it guide me along my trip, helping me find a new cool spot or place I wasn’t expecting to go.
  2. User-friendly maps/info– When I went to Croatia I tried an e-travel book, thinking – well this must be better cause it’s 2013 (it was 2013 then).  But where the book consolidated info to links, I found the whole process of using it less useful when I didn’t have wifi.  I want to see the name of a place and find it on a map. Simple.  In the car, on a train, on the go, no wifi needed.
  3. Telling your story – I love how a good travel book tells your story of travel through the years, whether perked on your shelf, or in hand.  It’s very nostalgic.
  4. Disconnect – a book helps you disconnect in a way that no e-device can, and it really can be therapeutic in today’s world.  So it’s worth being on the list.

Now, I do my best not to carry these around openly on busy city streets, and love DK Eyewitness Travel’s line of Top 10 books for the handy pocket map  (yes, how un-digital of me). Some of the best books for me are also thin/purse size, so I don’t have to be weighed down.

All this is a bit of an intro to my upcoming adventures in China, Bali and India – so I’ll be sure to keep things updated along the way.  Wishing you happy and haute travels!