Rivet and Sway, haute eyewear for the distinguishing woman: Haute Fashion

like opening a present

like opening a present

“Well hello there!”

When I got my box of Rivey and Sway eyewear try-ons this past week, let’s just say I was giddy with excitement.  This method of eyeglass shopping has been around for some time, from Warby Parker and other brands, and now from Rivet and Sway.  I love the idea of cutting out the “middleman”, and trying on glasses in the privacy of my own home.  These glasses were super cute and actually available to order for a try-on (often an issue with other similar brands).  I finally tried this experience, mainly because Rivet and Sway’s marketing “swayed” me by designing a product for consumers like me:

  1. The welcome email said glasses are designed for women’s faces, which may be smaller with higher cheekbones, and are often the cause of my dismay with other brands.
  2. The pairs include thin lenses, which the very nearsighted folks like myself really need.
  3. The cost is $169 for the first pair, and $99 for every pair after.  Not a bad deal considering my last glasses, which I can’t wear due to sizing and issues with fit, cost me around $400.
  4. They also asked for my current glasses size, which helped with recommendations customized for my face size.

Let’s talk packaging…they do it right.  My package arrived promptly in 2 days – super fast shipping in my opinion.  Sure there is a lot, but you return it back to them and I imagine they could reuse some of it if possible.  It’s also beautiful, designed for a woman, and made me feel like I was opening a lovely box of perfume bottles…very smart.

rivet and sway interior packaging

rivet and sway interior packaging

The actual glasses they have vary a lot by style, and use (like sunglasses, etc.).   My try-ons had different impacts on my face, and I made some funny faces while trying them on (my somewhat failed attempt at humor).  But I can confidently say I liked 3/5 of them, and now am stuck deciding which to buy.  Not a bad problem to have.  These are definitely a haute product for me.

Anyways, maybe you can help me decide?  Which glasses should I buy?

pondering my purchase

pondering my purchase


Gatsby mania is upon us; what will you wear?: Haute Fashion

Gatsby Mania in Chicago

Gatsby Mania in Chicago

The much anticipated remake of the classic novel and similar films (2 notable versions) , The Great Gatsby, is nearly upon us. In fine form, the world is taking note.

Once called the best novel of the 20th Century, this movie has a lot to live up to. But one thing is for sure, regardless if Leo beats Robert, the clothes will be cool.

Call it “on trend”, call it “mod”, call it “vintage”…Gatsby is the new black. Brands like Brooks Brothers are creating special campaigns just to celebrate all that is Gatsby style. Check out some of their looks at,default,sc.html. They are 25% off now for their Friends and Family event.

Shop ModCloth has embraced the Gatsby spirit for some time, and I found a few classic and yet modern pieces I am dying for. Here are some of my favorite picks for this week!




My new shopping guilty pleasure, Haute Fashion

I love fashion that is a little old and a little vintage, and am loving the selection at ModCloth (  I just picked up some seriously sweet summer dresses, inspired by the changing weather, and am excited for them to arrive.  Check out the Worth a Tricolor dress, and the Fruit-Striped Fun dress to see what I got. 

Worth a Tricolor dress from

Here is what I love about ModCloth:

  • They have fun with descriptions, naming their clothes and shoes all kinds of fun names. 
  • They have TONS of selection of shoes, dresses, tops, bottoms, etc., which is great if you want something just right for any occasion. They even have home goods and decor. 
  • Their prices are really reasonable.  This is key for me.
  • They have real customer reviews, with photos and sizes, to help you buy the right size dress for you. 
  • Everything they have is cute.  Also key.

Feeling inspired, check out Modcloth ( on your next internet shopping trip!