tea party

Elements of a Wonderland-themed Tea Party: Haute Events

Looking to host an Alice in Wonderland-themed tea party?  Here are some tips and ideas on how to make the wonder come alive!

1.  Think Whimsy!

Bring randomness and elements of fun to the party like this vintage bird-cage with flower vase inside, or tea stacked in a jewelry box.  This is all about using what you have, and making it more interesting.  Adding quotes and notes from Alice in Wonderland gives it spunk and charm.  


2.  Elegant Elements, Mismatched

Bring elements from high tea like real china tea sets, but place them in mismatched settings for extra fun.


3.  Flowers, Flowers everywhere

Use flowers in various colors to place in various contraptions, from pellegrino bottles to tea tins to large coffee mugs.  This finishes the look with a garden feel.



4.  Bring Color

Bright pink and orange helped brighten the space and made it feel like a fairy-tale. In this case, even mixed-in colors not present in the theme, like red tea pots, added fun.


5.  High food

Rent or use cake displays to build high food, and add a high tea feeling.  This is elegant and fun, depending what you place on there.  Use classics like cucumber sandwiches stacked on cake displays, and ad big containers of lemonade with raspberries and water with cucumber for the guests to enjoy.




Hope you enjoy these tips for an amazing and wonderful, Alice in Wonderland tea party!