Sleeping Giant Lodge in Belmopan, Belize is a perfect getaway in the Jungle: Haute Travel

I recently visited the Sleeping Giant lodge in Belmopan, Belize, which is situated in the middle of a stretch of rainforest/jungle.  Many travelers visit this area, known as the Cayo district, to take on nature, through jungle hikes and outdoor sports and adventures.  Many even sleep in a rainforest canopy, high in the trees. 

My friends and I picked an excursion from Living Social, which included 3 nights at the Sleeping Giant Lodge, not really knowing what to expect.  What we got was a lovely Spanish-style lodge, surrounded by smaller casitas, on a huge piece of jungle property on the Sibun River.  The property featured free kayaking, biking (through an orchard where our guide picked fresh citrus for us) and hiking.  We toured with Orlin, a young but experienced and knowledgable guide, whose attentiveness made us feel extremely welcome. 

We made it through the week on the meal plan at Sleeping Giant, which was delicious.  We loved trying fresh fruit pancakes for breakfast, and different soups and belizian specialities for lunch and dinner. We hung out at the bar (in the lodge) most evenings with the two house bartenders, Swift and Andy, who made the experience fun and entertaining.  The lodge also houses rooms, and two open-air dining areas.  We were able to eat and drink without having to worry, because everything was disinfected and clean for tourists.

We also visited the nearby Caves Branch which was a great addition to the trip, as we got to try cave river tubing and ziplining.  

Belmopan is a great adventure destination, and the Sleeping Giant Lodge is a luxurious destination in the region.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for luxury and adventure on your next trip!


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