Is Cauliflower the new Brussel Sprout?: Haute Eats


Westbridge in Boston
photo credit: Meenakshi Chaku

Open up any restaurant menu these days and you should not be surprised to see cauliflower on the menu.  From it’s days as a filler vegetable, to a mod vegetable, to something many people completely ignored, this is one heck of a comeback.  It may have started as a treat for those low carb dieters to find some hearty relief, and emerged to a nutty and brilliant-when-roasted staple on a restaurant table.

Cauliflower is everywhere!  And I couldn’t be happier.

Just like its Brussel Sprout brother, it was long ignored for being bland and boring, especially when boiled.  And now it has really become a way to feature flavor and texture, without spending a lot.


photo credit Evita Singh

Oh the ways to do Cauliflower…I like it best when roasted or when paired with a lovely sauce, like the cauliflower with tahini, labne chili and mint at Ilili in NYC.  It was also my favorite dish at a recent dinner at Girl and the Goat in Chicago.  Indian-style “gobi” is great too, as it really absorbs the flavor of all the spices.

If you haven’t picked cauliflower at your latest dinner, you are missing out.  So definitely give this re-emerging food trend a seat at your table, it’s totally worth it!

Spanish crisp cauliflower

Spanish Crisp Cauliflower


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