New York, new you, new workouts: Haute Happenings

If you are like me and love a good, yet fun, yet hard workout, and are looking for classes which keep you motivated, I have a few great tips from my recent experiences, and some to look forward to!

  1. – This is the ultimate class pass (called your Passport), as it allows you to take up to 10 classes in a month at a variety of gyms/dance studios/yoga and pilates studios and more.  It’s only $49, and features great names like Pure Barre and Jivamukti Yoga (In NYC).  I attended classes at these studios, and other studios and spots, and still have a few days left on my passport to try a few more.  You can also use Classtivity in cities other than NYC, so be sure to check it out!
  2. – I love, love, love the classses I have taken at M Dance Fitness so far.  They are super high energy, have great music, and keep me motivated at 8pm when I usually can make them.  I went to my first class using Classtivity, which got me hooked! I love the Dance Cardio Combo class with Victoria Mayo, it kicks my butt!
  3. Cross-fit Hells Kitchen – I have been wanting to try this for a while now, and may be compelled to as I saw the living social deal today for 1 month of unlimited cross Fit. 
  4. Physique 57 – I loved my first Physique experience, though it was a bit pricey at $40 bucks a pop.  It was fast paced, involved weights, and kept me going – a great combo.

Whatever your workout style, here’s to getting out there and moving more!

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