For NYC Rooftop Spots, I <3 Gallow Green: Haute Spots

I may have somewhat disclosed my love for the amazing rooftop garden called Gallow Green…through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram so far, but have yet to sing it’s praises in this forum. I really, really ❤ Gallow Green.


Upon walking into the rooftop space from the dark elevator ride, you really don’t expect to see what you do. A lovely garden retreat, with an early 1900s twist. “This is what I want my garden to look like one day”.

Add to this lovely scene, a mixology bar with very cool cocktails, and a tiny menu of goodies to keep you fed (like oysters, delicious cheese and more).


If you are looking for an awesome summer hangout without all the clang of a resident dj, but rather a place where you can hear friends and feel happy, check out this spot on your next outing. But shhh…try to keep this well kept secret super classy!


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